The behavior of “some” is not what characterizes the Venezuelan community

Foto: @borderpatrol

Miami, 02/27, 2024 Given the most recent criminal events related to some migrants of Venezuelan origin, Venezuela Awareness, which conducts the Raíces Venezolanas Miami program, would like to issue the following communicate:

The Venezuelan community, most of which has been rooted in the United States for many years, is characterized by being made up of scientists, doctors, bankers, teachers, health personnel, and has created companies that have made very important contributions to this Nation.

Due to this, we see with shock and sadness what is happening with some Venezuelans who have recently emigrated to the country and unfortunately have committed serious and atrocious criminal acts that we reject because their behavior is not what characterizes the Venezuelan community.

One way to prevent some migrants from violating the country’s laws is to implement serious and effective controls at the border so that authorities can verify who they allow to enter the United States.

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