July 25, 2012

As the Inter-American Commission On Human Rights Demands Justice In Raul Diaz Peña Case,

Ros-Lehtinen Says That Chavez’ Assault On Democracy Continues Unabated 

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding the decision by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to condemn the Chavez regime for violating the human rights of Raul Diaz Peña. Ros-Lehtinen worked with Miami based Venezuelan activist Patricia Andrade on the case of Mr. Diaz Peña and helped with his political asylum. Due to the Commission’s judgment on this case, Chavez once again threatened to leave the IACHR.

Said Ros-Lehtinen, “I am pleased that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights reached a decision that is obvious to all Venezuela watchers: Hugo Chavez is steadily dismantling democracy in Venezuela and he will stop at nothing until he achieves absolute power.  The Commission’s decision affirming that Mr. Diaz Peña’s human rights were violated during his incarceration in Venezuelan reinvigorates efforts to focus worldwide attention on the political prisoners still languishing in Chavez’ jails. 

I congratulate Patricia Andrade and her Venezuelan Awareness Foundation for their hard work and dedication to seek justice in Mr. Diaz Peña’s case. Chavez’ assault on democracy in Venezuela continues unabated and responsible nations must condemn these heinous violations of human rights.”