The judge argues that his moral integrity is compromised by the charges of defense attorneys

viernes 30 de marzo de 2012  01:56 PM

Judge María Lourdes Afiuni was taken on Friday at 5:30 in the morning to the administrative offices of the Hall of Justice ahead of a hearing at the 26th trial court.

Defense attorneys were taken by surprised when Judge Robinson Vásquez showed up at the hearing hall and told the parties that he would decline jurisdiction. The justice explained that lawyers José Amalio Graterol and Thelma Fernández exposed him to public disdain on the media and social networks for charging him with violation of due process and human rights abuses to Afiuni’s detriment.

In reply to Vázquez’s rationale, Fernández told El Universal that Afiuni’s defense attorneys have just complained about the judge’s performance against the law.

In the meantime, Nelson Afiuni cautioned that his sister has remained in the cells of the Hall of Justice, awaiting a decision on her case.