Thursday, 7 June 2012

To modernize and streamline processing of temporary resident applications abroad, the North American processing network has been restructured. As part of the restructure, the visa section of the Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo has been closed to the public and the temporary resident workload at all visa offices in the U.S has been re-aligned.

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The closure of visa office in Buffalo, New York is part of government’s ongoing efforts to transform the Canadian immigration system. The Buffalo office is one of the largest Canadian visa offices in North America, currently responsible for processing thousands of applications each year.

The unnecessary travel to Buffalo of foreign students and temporary foreign workers in nearby parts of Canada to apply for extensions of their stay is the main reason for the office closure. Applicants who wish to extend their stay can now apply and have an interview from within Canada. In addition, a greater emphasis on electronic immigration applications contributed to the closure.

New Canadian temporary resident visa applications from persons residing in the U.S. may be submitted to the visa offices in either: New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Seattle, or Washington, D.C.

Canadian visitor visa, study and work permit applications currently in-process in Buffalo will continue to be processed and finalized at that office.

Applications to change temporary resident status for those who currently reside in Canada, which are currently in-process in Buffalo, will continue to be processed and finalized at that office.

New applications to change temporary resident status for those who reside in Canada should be sent to the visa offices in either New York or Los Angeles.

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Hanna Eliasson | Migration Expert Canada