The oil money Chavez might have used to help the poor in Venezuela has gone not only to filling his own pockets and those of his top supporters, BUT to financing dictators and international terrorism!

Now, the U.S. is fixing to get clobbered very soon with an oil embargo quick as Chavez has secured the last of his new oil customers to replace U.S.

Anybody could see this coming for the last two years that took a look and listen to what he has been very openly doing and saying!

Chavez, and his unbridled praise for, active alliances and support with, and openly proclaimed desire to have Venezuela become like; Cuba, Iran, Russia, old-Iraq, Libya, and China does not equate to helping his own people, nor to a sustainable future supporter of U.S. interests (oil needs amongst them), not by a long-shot. But, very dangerously, just the opposite! (BTW, too, China has made more ‘investments’ in Venezuela than in all of the rest of South America, including Mexico, combined! And, Chavez is on record eagerly proclaiming himself a Maoist when he visits there!)

This is not empty rhetoric from Chavez to simply be ignored, and the patriotic Venezuelians opposing him today know it all too well.

Chavez, according to the top military that have left him in protest, is an active supporter of the FARC/ELN Columbian revolutionists, that US is currently fighting in Columbia, and they are supported materially in exchange for the lucrative drug trade that’s transported via official health dept vehicles here across Venezuela with Puerto Rico often as the first foreign destination.

In January of 2003 U.S. Customs agents have made what’s believed to be the biggest cocaine seizure ever made at the Port of Corpus Christi and that oil tanker smuggling the $6 million worth of coke was state owned from Venezuela.

And, Chavez donated 1 million $’s to Al Queda in Afganistan shortly after 9/11 to show his support! He also publicly excused his Chavista supporters burning USA flags then by saying USA brought 9/11 upon itself.

If U.S. does nothing, or worse, quietly supports Chavez for illusions of stable oil in the short term, this administration will eventually be seen to have facilitated another, much more dangerous, Super Cuba in this hemisphere!

The millions of Venezuelans, along with his top military that have deserted him, have had national strikes where over 2 million of them took to the streets protesting Chavez’s cubanization of their beloved country. They know it all too clearly, they’ve been having to live through it…

We all here in the U.S.A. better get up-to-speed on this historic fight for freedom in Venezuela that’ll surely impact us here, and quick, too!

Attitude-wise, we could hope here in the USA for no better allies than the Venezuelan people. According to the 2002 Global Attitudes Survey by the Pew Research Center in Washington; 82% have a favorable opinion of the USA, and that is amongst the highest ratings of all the 44 countries surveyed. And, in regard to supporting the US led war on terrorism, 79% favor it while only 20% oppose it! (What’s the current %’s for that question here in the USA?)

Clearly, no country in South America holds more promise for being a strong and effective ally and supporter of the USA, perhaps none better in this entire Hemisphere, *when* Chavez is gone and remnants of his regime are fully rooted out.

Also, though, there is no current government in this hemisphere that is a more “Clear & Present Danger” to the USA with the continuation and expansion of Hugo Chavez type initiatives and coming oil embargo. Unchecked, Chavez will be able to do throughout this hemisphere what Fidel has only dreamed/wished he could do!

– Shane
“A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them;
the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” – Proverbs 22:3