Human Rights | Due to judge’s denial of a request to take action in case of medical emergency

Appeal is filed to ensure Judge Afiuni’s right to life

Attorney Thelma Fernández explained that the action seeking protection of Judge María Lourdes Afiuni s constitutional rights was brought due to the deteriorated health condition of the suspended Venezuelan judge

Afiuni has an armpit cyst that affects her right breast (File photo)
Thursday March 08, 2012  04:16 PM

Venezuelan attorney Thelma Fernández brought an action with the Court of Appeals, Criminal Judicial Circuit in Caracas, seeking the protection of the constitutional rights of Judge María Lourdes Afiuni, particularly her right to life and health. The move came after Caracas 26th Trial Judge denied a request to take the appropriate steps in case of medical emergency.

Afiuni’s defense lawyer informed that the appeal was filed due to the “deteriorated health condition” of Judge Afiuni.

Judge Afiuni has a mass in most part of her right breast. Doctors ordered to perform immediately a biopsy to rule out a cancer tumor.

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