February 10, 2006

Sources: Hugo Chavez Wants the Bomb

Dale Hurd, CBN News Sr. Reporter

Highly placed sources inside Venezuela have given me detailed information about a top-secret Venezuelan government program called “Operación Yellowcake.”

It’s apparently a clandestine, Iranian-style nuclear program.

My sources say Venezuela has assembled a team of nuclear scientists from Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Libya, Cuba, Vietnam, India, and Japan. This team is working to exploit domestic Uranium deposits.

Venezuela is ruled by a fiercely anti-American leader named Hugo Chavez. His goal is to spread revolution throughout Latin America. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld recently compared him to Adolf Hitler. If you haven’t been following Mr. Chavez, here is some background.

The Chavez government was surprisingly candid in the press that the reason for the recent expulsion of New Tribes Missions from remote tribal areas of Venezuela is that they were working in locations that are rich in Uranium. Chavez accused them of spying for foreign mining and pharmaceutical interests and of collecting “strategic information” for the CIA.

It’s been no secret that Chavez wants a nuclear program. He’s tried to obtain nuclear reactors and technology from two of his energy partners, Brazil and Argentina. The United States has been pressuring both countries not to play ball with Hugo. But both nations already have technology sharing agreements with Venezuela and might even want to re-start their own mothballed nuclear weapons programs. And U.S. influence in the region right now is arguably at an all-time low.

Just like Iran, which is awash in oil deposits and doesn’t need a nuclear program to generate electricity, Venezuela has been called “Saudi Arabia in South America.” Chavez looks to be following the path of Iran, which wants the bomb.

For Chavez, whose raison d’être has been to oppose Washington and spread his leftist Bolivarian revolution, this is about being the biggest kid on the block and threatening neighbors, including the U.S.