On the 4th of February of 1992,  there is  nothing  to celebrate in Venezuela. The ill named day, called Day of the Dignity, it represents for the Venezuelan lovers of  freedom and  democracy, the day of the Indignity, a day of mourning for the families as well as a mortal wound to an uninterrupted democracy of which Venezuela felt proud  

On February 4th of 1992, the then Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, breaks the oath and he rises up in arms with a group of military and civil partisans, violating the State of Right (Rule of law) as well as the oath to defend  the Homeland that he swore to defend at the cost of his life. This frustrated attempt  of a coup d´etat,  leaves many deaths and innocent wounded, of those which Hugo Chavez was never sorry for. Although he was defeated by the loyal forces to the institution, judged and superseded at the trial, he used the democratic road to arrive to  power in 1998, when an electoral process is made in the country,  of which he comes out triumphant,  swearing then  that he would respect the Constitution and existing laws.

In these 6 years of Hugo  Chavez in power, we can affirm without any doubt that the totalitarian project of the supposed called revolution bolivariana in Venezuela threatens  the whole world. With the expressed and manifested aan shown alliance Chavez-Castro as factors to destablize   the world order, there looms on the hemisphere a crisis in the social, political and economic order. The extension of Castro’s communism in Venezuela, supported by the terrorist alliance of the radical left, Islamic religious fanatics’ groups and the support from some countries at international level: FARC, ELN, ETA, Bin Laden, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, forces us to focus the look, to unite now with more strenght than ever, to face  humanity’s new enemy that at this moment has the power as  president elect, in spite of the doubts of having won the last Abrogative Referendum by all the indications of a massive fraud, supported alone by a hurrying Jimmy Carter who was never an impartial observer.

In Venezuela it has been a long time since democracy was lost. The economic power that  the high prices of the oil has given Chavez, and the negotiation of the country under juicy agreements with other countries as a political weapon to  silence their wills, has allowed to maintain the facade or image of democratic governmental system. What exists in fact is an autocracy: All the powers have been  kidnapped and in hands of a single person: Hugo Chavez.

Under the current legal system, to differ, to criticize, to manifest an opinion, has transformed in persecution , tortures, imprisonment, disappearances, detentions without completing the minimum legal requirements, to be transformed into an international leper. The Venezuelan democracy has been lost.

The international press, as well as world organizations, they have manifested their concern for the crisis that Venezuela lives, declaring that the Rule of Law no longer exists. There has been a rupture in the democratic and constitutional order, at the same time that all the human, civil and constitutional rights have been violated. Chavez has violated all the laws, which has provoked a “cultivation broth” that bringing  us near to a violent exit that would unchain into a civil war, with confrontation between civilians and the military.

At the moment, the Interamerican Commission of Human rights of the OAS, is packed with cases of Venezuelans that have appealed to that international instance as the only means to achieve justice, in view of the persecutions and violations to the human rights that have been subjected to. On the other hand, the high increase registered in the petitions of political asylum by political persecution in different countries of the world  by Venezuelans that have sought political asylum in search of protection, is a proof of it.

The recent approval  of the Law over Social Responsibility in Radio and Television, call also the Gag Law, on the part of the Legislative Assembly of the  Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a vulgar political instrument of the revolution that in its beginnings, it looks for the control of the media, its later use for the transmission of programs to diffuse the message that alone the head of State wants to be spread, and, later on, the closing of the means through a vague regulation.  A previous censorship exists to the programs, agreed by the censor’s approach that is noneother that the same government with very wide abilities

(Official statement of Press of the CIDH* http://www.cidh.oas.org/Comunicados/Spanish/2004/25.04.htm)
*International Committee of Human Rights

In these 6 years, the invasion of lands also begins on the part of the followers of Chavez, many of which are not even producing. With the approval of the Law of Lands that went into effect on November 14 of 2001, it searches  to normalize  under the law, the illegality of this policy of their maximum leader’s followers. However, being the Venezuelan State the proprietor legitimates of 12 million hectacres, in this case through the National Institute of Lands, on Saturday January 8 of 2005, under the Zamorano ordinance, Chavez begins a chain of confiscations with the Charcote Ranch. The lands of that country property,  a copy of exellence at world level, were donated by Simón Bolívar to the Englishmen as a prize to their participation in the Battle of Carabobo. For the politics of the revolution, the example of productivity of The Charcote, it is considered “lazy lands”; as well as the following confiscations and interventions that have followed.

The Assistance in Judicila Penal Matter Cuba-Venezuela Law, that the past was officialized on December 22, it will allow judges, policemen and agents of the Cuban security to act in Venezuelan territory with wide abilities to investigate, to capture and to interrogate Cuban residents in Venezuela, as well as to subject activists of the Venezuelan opposition whose actions attacks can be considered to the security or the Cuban sovereignty. If a Venezuelan criticizes or it differs of Castro’s repressive politics, it can be required for the Castro justice and imprisoned in the Cuban jails with Venezuelan officials’ collaboration. Same situation is presented for the Cubans nationalized Venezuelans that decided to leave and to reside in Venezuela and to transform it into its second homeland.

Existendo an increase of Cuban personnel’s deserters through the programs of msiones of Chavez in Venezuela, this agreement becomes in an arms of vengeance without  limit of Castro, who has manifested that he wants to see ” heads rolling to punish that real deserter or collaborator for a desertion ”

From the beginning of Hugo’s government Chavez, the support to the Colombian terrorist groups has been unquestionable: denouncements, reports, videos, recordings, captures of the terrorist groups in Venezuelan territory carrying weapons and uniforms of the Armed forces of Venezuela, it confirms us the ideological likeness and the knowledge of the permanency of the elites of these groups in the national territory as well as its camps with numerous irregular members. To this we add  the strong indications of the presumed collaboration of the Chavez government’s high officials in the business of the international drug traffic, when lending collaboration to the groups of the FARC: arms trafficking of weapons for drugs. The way of the drug is the one  the way to  terrorism. For where  the drug passes, it passes any biochemical or dirty thing: weapons biochemical or dirty ones.

If to this we added him the recent scandal that Rodrigo Granda, the chancellor of the FARC that was in the Interpol list, lived in Venezuela carrying documents of identity, residence, participated in public acts. All this happened in a country controlled by Chavez. It is impossible to believe that  he ignored their permanency in the country, and more when it was one of their most important comrades.

The mask to the dictator Hugo Chavez has fallen. Venezuela is gambling its destinity. The Venezuelans that fight for the justice and the freedom, fight with the weapons of the truth. There is a towering risk that blood runs, but the destination of a country:Venezuela is being gambled. We should unite to win this fight for the future free of Venezuela and the people  of the  Americas.

Patricia Andrade

Miami, Florida  February 4th 2005

[email protected]