Andrea Jimenez. Photographer: Rose Marie Cromwell for Bloomberg Businessweek

Mayo 12, 2017.- The newest wave of migrants is arriving with college degrees and not much else.

The newest members of the Venezuelan diaspora can be found every Friday at the Value Store It Self Storage in Doral, Fla. On the fluorescent-bright fourth floor, four units are stacked to the ceiling with donated sheet sets, towels, dishes, toys, clothes, and, on this day, 60 boxes of floral slip-on women’s shoes. The recipients begin arriving at 2 p.m.: a public accountant and his journalist wife, a veterinarian, a registered nurse with her baby and 10-year-old daughter in tow. All have been in the U.S. for mere months. “I didn’t know there were places like this,” says Idianna Diaz, the nurse, who started to cry after collecting some kitchenware and a microwave.

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