Maru Angarita

MONDAY, MAY 06, 2013

Fraud evidence and Americans jailed

Dear Journalists,
As several experts and bloggers have been reporting since 2004 Hugo Chavez’s has allegedly cheated big time in election fraud. Finally, former Organization of American States U.S. Ambassador Roger Noriega investigated and has presented the report as shown below in English y español:
Venezuela’s ‘Cubanochavista’ electoral machine
Roger Noriega‏@RogerNoriega14h  El equipo cubano que manipuló las elecciones produjo un régimen ilegítimo y antidemocrático. Conocer su conspiración:
Same version reposted on a blog:
A Venezuelan citizen in the United States has reported on television the open fraud which includes over 100,000 dead citizens who allegedly voted, and other manipulations:
Self-proclaimed Nicolas Maduro is an illegitimate president who allegedly used votes manipulation to remain in power.
Venezuela Awareness reports that there are two American citizens jailed in Venezuela as political prisoners Timothy Tracy and Jacobo Supelano:
The International Court of Justice, busy at it is, should make time to prosecute Hugo Chavez’s thugs who survived him for abuse of power, fraud, and more fraud if the alleged algorithms and open violation of the vote are true.
Venezuelans need help from world leaders to assure the safety of the opposition leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.
Maru Angarita
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