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Miami, October 8th, 2012

VAF Press Release for the election results of the Presidential elections in Venezuela

Venezuela Awareness sees with concern the result of the Presidential elections held in Venezuela yesterday where we recorded irregularities, allegations of voters, as well as members of the polling stations.

Within the cluster of complaints are: high opportunism of the ruling party, the PSUV members at the tables oriented voters to vote for the candidate of the ruling party (Hugo Chavez); representatives of the ruling party at  the tables came with red shirts alluding to Ché Guevara, Chavez, etc; the implementation of the operation morrocoy that made the voting process slow and once the centers were empty they received voters for the ruling party in buses and on a fast process; the siege of supporters of the ruling on bikes who roamed menacing the polling centers by  threatening to return to kill the “squalid” (opponents); the murder of at least two voters in queue by the motorized as, for example, the youth Kenyver Moreno, who was voting at the table 2 of the Commercial Technical School Luis Razzeti in La Quebradita neighborhood, Caracas. No institution or the two candidates made mention of these serious incidents.

We add that the Venezuelan population was surprised by the presence of tanks and overfly of helicopter before and during the announcement of the election results.

Once given the election results, this organization recorded the opinion of voters about the electoral process doubts for being automated and they requested a manual voting and debugging of the Electoral Register (REP) which have been denied, thus vitiating the credibility and distrust of the voters who say they do not believe in the election results.

This organization deplores the acts of violence, intimidation, intolerance, threats and deaths during the elections in Venezuela, so we call for these to be taken seriously by the competent authorities so they are not repeated.

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