As part of Venezuelan resistance process, now we integrate the watchword “Don’t mess with my children’s education”, the new war cries all along the Venezuelan territory.

The “revolution” advances with its plans to implant Castro’s ideologies using a new ordinance (1011); at first, by “sharing” custody between parents and the State, and to modify the Venezuelan school system as well, (from Kindergarten to College), even reaching Postgraduate studies. The school’s staff will be forced to assist Castro’s ideology classes called “Updating and instruction of Bolivarian theories”. These classes will be held on May, and will be dictated by Castro’s communist personnel, as well as Colombian and Venezuelan supporters of the “revolution”. Subsequently, these communist methods must be taught in all schools in order to avoid the closure of educational centers. This is just the beginning of brain-washing Venezuelan children with the Bolivarian revolution, same as was done by the Castro-Communist system in Cuba with a different name, but same end; it is the “tribute” to “the process”.

As part of this process, private, bilingual and religious school’s representative were invited to attend to meetings at the Ministry of Education, where Cuban personnel would be visiting them to determine their degree of commitment with the Bolivarian process, if they don’t agree, they will be immediately substituted by Cuban personnel that will carry out the implementation of Communist ideology. In another words, the educational autonomy no longer exists.

While parents are struggling to hinder this indoctrination, Jimmy Carter enjoys Venezuelan beaches and weather at the heavenly Roques Islands, as part of the celebration of the betrayal of Venezuelan democracy during the last Presidential Recall Referendum. This evil personage enjoys a rest, and we wonder if he even wonders if Venezuelan students will now be indoctrinated directly by Fidel Castro’s professors, and how easily Carter gave his endorsement to deceive international community, which was mainly worried about losing their flow of Venezuelan petroleum, and not about Venezuelan democracy.

Carter’s lack of ethics and democratic principles (for other countries’ elections), successfully achieved deceiving the international community, endorsing a massive electoral fraud in August 2004 during the Presidential Recall Referendum to secure him to power, a psychopath that has enjoyed humiliating an unarmed people, murdering, torturing, supporting international terrorism, and insulting and vomiting its hatred against everything that signifies the US government and its allies.

There is no democracy in Venezuela; there is a military-totalitarian system that supports international terrorism in all forms, and becomes an ally to all countries that endeavor to destroy the great nation called United States of America; which government refuses to see that the USA has a time bomb in its own backyard, which is spreading all over the region.

Patricia Andrade